What the heck is going on?

I was, and probably will forever be, a Ronald Reagan fan & admirer. While in highschool I thought the man could do no wrong. As I've gotten older, I understand not all of his economic policies were sound, but I still admire the man who offered vision and hope for a country locked into malaise and mistrust. Reagan is one of my big 4 along with Jefferson, Lincoln, & T. Roosevelt.

So what the heck was Daniels doing doggin' on one of my boys? Could he give me even more reason to dislike him than to make a dumb, dumb statement on the Reagan legacy? Here it is folks, along with commentary by Rush (who I have no use for, but drives the point home):

The Indiana governor has come under fire from conservative Internet blogs and radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh for telling a Washington, D.C., crowd recently, "I think it is time to let Ronald Reagan go."

"Hey, Mitch? Governor? Governor Daniels? Should we get over Lincoln, too? He's in the past," Limbaugh said. "We just gotta get over Lincoln. This is so contrary to conservative thought."

I might add, why don't we get over Doc Bowen & Lugar too Mitch? I'm beginning to think that Daniels believes he can do no wrong; that in fact he believes he is setting the standard for conservatism across the nation. I think his four years has gone to his head-or he suffers from little man syndrome. Not sure.


And then there is my continual declining respect for McCain. John! What are you doing to me, man? For crying out loud, the reason I voted for you 8 years ago is because you proved party wasn't as important as doing the right thing and now you're embracing the tax measures you stood against during your career to cater to a right-wing base? From MSNBC:

Now that he is the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, however, McCain is marching straight down the party line. The economic package he has laid out embraces many of the tax policies he once decried: extending Bush's tax cuts he voted against, offering investment tax breaks he once believed would have little economic benefit and granting the long-held wishes of tax lobbyists he has often mocked.

Again I say it, I didn't leave the Republican Party.....the party left me. Or did they right me?


vanilla said…
Mitch clearly spent too much time in DC and I told folks that before he was elected. But a prophet is without honor, etc.

As for campaign rhetoric: pandering is the term that comes to mind. One never truly believes what the candidate says while on the campaign trail.

My problem is that I've but a week to decide how to cast the ballot in my primary. Wringing of the hands. Sorry, sorry.

(My party DID "left" me.)
hoosier reborn said…

Good luck figuring out your primary decision. In our primary-most of it has already been decided except locally. That's just a matter of the lesser of two evils, but I have yet to arrive at a conclusion who the most evil one is.

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