16 October 2010

the sun also rises...

Given the general position of our place in the country, we've been witness to a number of spectacular sunrises. This morning's was exceptional. The fog, diffused light, and silhouettes worked in perfect harmony to make this one blog-worthy. I'm just not sure the photo does it justice. At times I get disappointed we don't have the best seats in the house for similar drama to sunsets, but I'll take the life metaphor to sunrise vs. sunset any day of the week....particularly since I add another year to my life tomorrow.

15 October 2010

maybe I've got it all wrong...

I just viewed a short clip of Jackie Walorski stumping on the campaign trail and a brief interview with her after her speech. I sent the link to a friend, more because of its references to Gary, Indiana than because of the campaign rhetoric. And then I found myself typing these words that proved to sum up one of the great internal struggles nagging at me lately:

maybe i've got this political thing all wrong....maybe i should have shot my mouth off throwing in the words america and constitution more often for no apparent reason. maybe i shouldn't have let faith and conscience get in the way of my pursuits. maybe my anger and bitterness should have been turned to something more productive like winning elections

How many more days do we have before this election? And I'm convinced we've not seen the worse yet. I'd like to believe that there is a day in America's future where decent people are elected to office with a heart to serve their fellow man and not their party. Where the words spoken aren't empty clangings spun to win elections or fan flames of hate. Where the church in America has finally broken the political bondage it has entrapped itself in negating its usefulness to reach a dying world.

I guess this is why I am called idealistic.

06 October 2010

testing the theory

I found the need to be in Tipton today over the lunch hour. So, having always wanted to stop here......I did. And I sat at the counter and ordered a huge bowl of some pretty awesome chili. I recommend this stop to all my readers out there.

And yes, I know, I need to get back at this blogging thing.