Tax & Spend.....REPUBLICANS?

Whatever happened to my favorite nemeses, the enemy of all that is good and right, the tax and spend liberal Democrats? I mean, com'on, I spent anxious nights worrying in highschool and college that these guys would take over and drain my financial resources, hold me hostage to pay them more, or at the very least send some goons to rough me up.

Now it just seems that we are all suffering from a political identity crisis. If you haven't heard, sales tax just went up in Indiana today! Yeah, and while they claim property tax relief, you'll probably end up paying more in property taxes like me.

And who is behind this? Those crazy liberals? NO! It's the REPUBLICANS who are getting tax happy! Is this what Ronald Reagan meant when he said........."I didn't leave the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party left me". I feel for ya Gipper, that's how I'm starting to feel about the Republicans, albeit, they kinda threw me out.

By the way....don't drive on the toll road either. The tolls just doubled too.


Anonymous said…
The Tolls DOUBLED??? Holy cow not if you are well off enough to prepay for an Electronic Pass...send them a lump sum assuming you aren't living paycheck to paycheck because you had to take a job at WalMart when your blue collar manufacturing job was sent to Mexico or China! Even in this masterful deal by Mitch the little guys gets the proverbial screwing!

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