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What's in a name: Garro

I laid awake last night, pondering some political unrest in my own plight.  And through a string of half-related issues, landed on one that has kept Plymouth people puzzled for decades, and longer.

Where did the name Garro Street come from?

This street was part of the original plat of the town from 1836, though no names were on the plat except for the main street it was platted around, Michigan Street.  The furthest south (east/west) became South Street (later renamed LaPorte for its connection to the Plymouth-LaPorte Trail), the furthest north, North Street, and all those in between were named for the contemporary presidents beginning with Washington and ending with Harrison.  So, who was this guy "Garro" that a street so prominent in the downtown, between South and Washington, would be so-named?  The north/south streets were Water, Michigan, Center, Walnut and Plum(b-sometimes a "b" appeared on maps).

Back to Garro.  This street's importance escalated in the…

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