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Here is the power of words.Several years ago, a colleague far wiser, more mature with a few more gray hairs than I shared a story after I had expressed some frustration with the way things were “back home”.She didn’t know that the story she shared almost 15 years ago, as brief as it was, would stick with me and I’d often repeat it giving her credit.And as she relayed the story she said “she once heard” I didn’t realize the impact it would have. I’ve recalled it time after time in greater frequency these last few years.
My colleague offered comfort with these words.There was a man who was told by God to push against a boulder.So he did, his whole life, push against that boulder.When he died and was welcomed home by God, the man said all my life I pushed against the boulder but it never moved.To which God responded, I didn’t tell you to move it.
I hated and loved this story at the same time.I hated it because we all want to see the fruit of our labor, we don’t want to feel like our liv…

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