shake update

I thought I would update readers, given that more information has been made available on the earthquake last week.

1) it was a 5.2, not 5.4

2) evidently there is a little heard of Wabash fault line running up from the New Madrid fault, into southwest Indiana that our quake happened along.

3) racking my brain as to why I was the only Hoosier who did not feel the quake, I came to the conclusion that what I thought was the street sweeper going past the house early that morning was indeed the ground moving.

4) Did you happen to catch NBC interviewing folks in Indy at a donut shop about the quake? The reporter concluded that even an earthquake cannot come between Hoosiers and their donuts. Gee, thanks.

and 5) my brother called me Thursday morning wanting some cash after being locked up for MDA. I encouraged him, just like Paul & Silas, to pray for an earthquake to open the cell. Now that's faith! True story.


Jonathan Erdman said…
I felt it. It took a while for me to think, gee that was an earthquake. And here? In Indiana? What??!!?

Less than ten minutes after the quake, my alarm goes off and the local radio station came on: "It is official, the earth moved."

Love the Hoosier Happenings blog. All the best!
Jonathan Erdman said…
BTW, I live in the little artsy hamlet of Winona Lake, which is right next to Warsaw.

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