fast cars & loud music

I was changing out some cds, desperately looking for some better work out music than the Celtic bagpipes cd I actually found myself working out to a few weeks ago, when I realized how out of date my cd library is. I only found a couple of rock/pop cds......well, one to be honest. I put it in the player and cranked it. It was a single from U2....Kiss Me, Kill Me, Thrill Me-the Batman theme from 1995.

1995? NO!, it couldn't have been that long ago that I had gone out and blew all my money on a brand new Mustang GT with the megabass stereo system into which the first cd I played was this one from U2? The same year, in anticipation of owning this beautiful black baby, I would go out and blow another $120 on a pair of gargoyle sunglasses?

Then it hit me. I am that old. Dang it! My neighbor was in our backyard with his daughter and my son (we're sorta the neighborhood playground) while I had the music cranked. I opened the back door and he asked if everything was ok in there. Yeah, just reliving some youth. Sigh. Unfortunately my neighbor has a car just like my baby. Jerk.

My car and I traveled part of route 66 together, a long road trip to Banf NP in Alberta, Canada, lots of dates......ok, a few......and lots of drives. My dad backed into her within a week of me bringing her home. That was painful. I entrusted the keys to a friend who betrayed me and took her out for a spin when she should have been parked in his driveway. But, she always came back to me. Then one day the lease was up and I decided she and I had grown apart. It was difficult, but I traded her in for a new F-150 extended

I'm going to go home and play U2 one more time.


PNW Hoosier said…
I remember that car. While it was cool, I could never get in and out of the passenger side without banging my knees on the dashboard. While not as cool as the Mustang, I sometimes find myself thinking wistfully about the Beretta I had around that time.

There is a new shiny vehicle at the dealership on my street that I would love to have parked in the drive. Unfortunately, whenever I mention it, the wife's eyes start to roll and glaze over.
hoosier reborn said…
well, you know I got that car so that I wouldn't have to be the wheels all the time-still didn't work. at least I didn't have to be the one to crawl out of the back seat.

I remember the Beretta-same time I had the Grand Am.
Penny Lane said…
Speaking of cars. I need your help. I am looking for a used car for about $10,000... like a toyota or honda for a teen to drive. THANKS. P.S. I felt the earth move this a.m. ... thought it was a train at first.
PNW Hoosier said…
I had that Beretta a long time. Now I am eying the new Pontiac G8 GT. But, like I said before, the wife's eyes just glaze over whenever I talk about it.
hoosier reborn said…
I still have buyer's remorse over the Freestyle we bought in February-upside is that we bought it before sales tax went up.

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