messages from the weekend

I noticed a flick in the new releases section of the video store-Conspiracy with Top Gun & Batman actor Val Kilmer (man, he's getting old). I hadn't heard of it, and 20 minutes into the film, I knew why. Talk about a low budget, made for cable film! I really don't mind films with political messages embedded into the plot-but let me figure it out. I don't need a 5 minute synopsis of the evil of the american corporate empire by the distressed and rescued beauty.

What was a little scary was the realization that the blatant racist remarks made by the villain in the film, which seemed rather falsely explosive........are comments I hear, right here in river city, regarding our Latino immigrants. Not good-the film either. Save your dime, pass on Conspiracy.

A film I had been wanting to see and finally took the opportunity was Fight Club. Not what I expected. But still pretty good. If you've not seen it, then this isn't going to make any sense to you.

Not long into the movie, I made the comment to my wife.......hmmm, I could see (my buddy) and I doing that! And laughed about it. By the end of the film, after I realized his buddy was his alter ego, I started to question my own sanity and tried to figure out if a couple of the guys I hang out with really exist, or, since they're 10 yrs+ my junior, are they just my alter ego-reflections of a youth now gone and since they're in top notch shape-what I'd like to be?

If you ever see me punching myself on the the guys in white coats.


Anonymous said…
Since you are more than 10 years my Junior does that make you my alter ego???? Scarey!!!!!! Bird Man
hoosier reborn said…
ha! Possibly, maybe we are just well rounded folks and young at heart. I don't know, recently I was told I was "an old soul".

Trying to figure out if that is a compliment.
Anonymous said…
I am certainly not speaking with any authority but I believe an old soul has thought about the bigger issues of life long before many of their immediate peers...and have done so with much more reflection???? as Miller says Its just my opinion I could be wrong!
hoosier reborn said…
much appreciated.

I mentioned it to the breakfast club this weekend, and we arrived at the conclusion it is good to hear at a young age, but at an old age, we want to hear....that old fart, he's got a young soul!
Anonymous said…
Fight Club -- love that movie.

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