We're on, like, our 6th bird feeder at our house (been there 9 years). Each have succumbed to the gnawing of squirrels until this most recent one (some were supposedly squirrel-proof). I've moved it around hoping to get it out of squirrel reach......then finally got it in the right place, hanging from a thin gage wire between the house and a tree.

Being the generous nature loving guy that I am, I still bought corn for the critters and placed sunflower seed on a wood platform. Everything was copacetic for a few months, then a few weeks ago I noticed a squirrel on the feeder. How the heck did he get there? I can't imagine it would have jumped that far?!?!? There's no way!

Then one morning I saw it. The squirrel used the metal wire as a zip line and slid over to the feeder-a distance of about 8'. I couldn't believe it. Now what to do? I am considering greasing the wire so they slip off each time their little paws grab ahold. Am I descending into madness?


Anonymous said…
consider the following "remedies"
1. Pepper your bird seed...sprinkle it liberally with ground cayenne pepper, the birds won't be bothered at all but the squirrel won't like it.
2. get the guys at the tin shop to fashion a cone for you to hang above the feeder that you can "dress" with olive oil "whoa thats slippery"
3.since we are approaching warmer weather switch to a mix with far less or no sunflower seeds and always avoid corn!!! cracked or whole kernel.

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