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NOT Wal-Mart, this time

Terror at the Slots

We'll take Third

Merry Christmas

Holy Night

last chance!

911......cows on road

Dismantling Indiana

big city architecture in Indiana

fence row in winter

Latest from the field

Denver moving on!

Operation Skywatch

we called it spookin'

waking up to snow!

busy bird weekend

tree hunting at Lowes


front porch Indiana

One more throw at Fall


my dad

fleeting days of fall

reflections on Thanksgiving

spiritual anniversary


Basketball & Indiana

You know you're a Hoosier if:

Great Hoosier Smoke-out

ahh, tradition!

old barns

honoring our Veterans

Community of Prayer

evidently pretty stupid


wandering outside Indiana

oh boy! Halloween!

at its height!

an old tradition now gaining ground

a Dark Delay?

humbling reminder

finding the perfect pumpkin

best of my life

God change us..... Part IV of IV

God change us..... Part III of IV

they kept coming, and coming, and coming!

God change us.....Part II of IV

God change us..... Part I of IV

I had to go and ask, didn't's here!

where IS fall?

Ethanol: evidently NOT the right choice

Indiana INDOT Irony

an oldy but goody

our very own Nature Center