On vs. In

A reader had an excellent idea for an entry which complimented one I had been wanting to do. A Catholic friend commented once that they (catholics in general) were at one time made fun of for having dashboard crucifixes and holy mothers in their cars....kinda like interior hood ornaments. But now it seems perfectly acceptable to have the Jesus fish on all our bumpers as a statement of faith. Personally, I'd rather have Jesus out in front too.

I tried to shoot a picture of a vehicle with a Jesus fish on it yesterday-but it proved too difficult and distracted me from driving safely.

Now, personally, I don't care........wear your Jesus fish wherever. Put it on your clothes, your cars-tattoo it if you'd like. But if you're going to do that, then by God, live like Him. Same goes for you dashboard figurine enthusiasts.......if you want to velcro the crucifix on your dash-go for it, but don't let me catch you speeding or cutting someone off.....or taking my parking spot.

On vs. In has more to do with what you do with your faith. Is it in you? or is it just stuck on the back of your car? (kinda like our license plates-see earlier entry)

On a side note: about the time we married my wife was convinced she wanted a Jesus fish tattoo on her ankle. I strongly encouraged her to rethink it-which she did. Nothing against most tattoos-a buddy of mine has one on each shoulder and I think they're pretty cool, but if his hulk-sized shoulders ever start to sag......not so cool.


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