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tax gas or not to tax gas, that is the question


I need more stimulus! Now!

voter ID & crazy boxes

Open your eyes!

200 mindless Hoosier dribbles later....

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Christians in a Representative Democracy


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Details of our Past

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Great Shake of 08

fast cars & loud music

The following entry contains disturbing imagery and may not be suitable for all viewers

Shooting in River City!

warming up

the Mystery Hole

my conversation with God this morning

Sure bets only

the church, holy, immortal and.....emergent?

bad April memories.....

at what point does community divide?

Hoosier & loser rhyme, unfortunately

....come to the dark side!


yearning for a giant ball of twine

when the messenger kills the message

Hitting the road.....

do as I say, not as your youth leader does

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shhhhh....don't pray so loud

40 years ago.....

ahhh Spring time in Indiana

invitation to a Snipe Hunt

Help-what is this?

Tax & Spend.....REPUBLICANS?

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