22 September 2015

See you at the Pole: maybe it's time to grow up

It's been more than four months since I've sat down to pen a post.  Life has taken on a number of busy twists and turns that's left me with little time to think, much less reflect on happenings around me.  Recent tragedies in our community prompts one to reflect on what truly matters though, so I thought I would share some things that came to mind as I sat and waited for my son outside of the high school last night.

We expect an awful lot out of kids today, packing them down with schedules and responsibilities that few adults would want, let alone could bear the burden of.  Tomorrow is national "see you at the pole" day, during which time a remnant of kids will join hand in hand around their school's flagpole and pray for their school, their classmates, and try to be the light of love and peace.  This unifying, harmonious moment that we in the church, again, expect our kids to be at to "take a stand".  Because of the loss of one of their classmates this week, the day will be especially poignant here in River City.

I think about everything going on in our country, in our state, and our community....all the rage, defiance, arrogance, and the rush to Facebook to spout-off that appeals to elements of our darkest nature.  I think about the example we are setting for our kids.  I think about the divided, hostile world we are nurturing to leave them in our wake.

I think about the fact that we expect them to be adults, when in reality we're the ones acting like children.

Rather unceremoniously, but maybe providentially given tomorrow's event, a flagpole was raised today in a very prominent position north of our community where a few thousand people will pass by several times a day.  And that got me thinking about what I would say to, and pray for our next generation as they join hands tomorrow.

First, I'd say forgive me for being part of the problem and not working harder to bring peace to our community, for not representing the image of Christ that I've been called to be.  And I'd pray that we would all, parents or otherwise, be better examples for them.

Then I'd pray that they would be the generation to bring healing, not only to our community, but to our world from the strife and upheaval our generation has created.  I'd pray that they could embrace and reflect the Gospel in a way the Church in America has seemingly forgotten.

I think it's time we grow up and be the examples these kids need.  Otherwise, we will continue to perpetuate the problems of this world when we choose violent rhetoric over civility, and our rights over what is right.

So I'm asking, how will you pray for our kids as they gather tomorrow?

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