30 July 2007

In God We Trust-and if that doesn't work, gambling

Does anyone else out there see the irony between our new license plates and the seemingly endless barrage of new gaming activity in Indiana?

Very boldly we proclaim on our new plates (which can be confused with Michigan's old plates) "in God we Trust". At the same time, I'm not sure there hasn't been an opportunity that this current administration hasn't taken that could possibly be gambled on. Between you and me, I understand bets are being taken on successful cow-tipping in Lagrange County-you can place bets at accesssomeoneelsesmoney.org.

OK-I don't believe in gambling-thought it was a mistake the Bayh administration made many years ago in establishing the state lottery-but it's been a republican administration to really push gaming to off-set shortages in funds. (seems like I remember someone saying we wouldn't be funding the state budget with gaming..................how times change). We NEED it to survive.

So I guess it isn't "In God we Trust" after all.........or maybe gambling's our insurance in case God doesn't come through. That's the trouble with mixing faith and politics, well, more on that later.

I can't drive 55! or 60 or 70 for that matter

Ask my wife, nothing irritates me more than unsafe drivers.........sure they can put their own lives in jeopardy, but, please, leave my family out of your insatiable need to get to your destination 3 minutes sooner.

We leave for vacation-driving Highway 31, 465, and 65. OK, I admit, I drive usually about 5 mph over the speed limit. That used to be fast. Now, with cell phones and food in hand, folks are driving 75 and 80.........on 31! And where are the police?

I thought it was a huge mistake when our former state legislature raised the speed limit to 60 on most Indiana highways. Not because 60 is unsafe, but because it isn't enforced. I believe it was State Rep Marvin Rugsucker (could that be spelled right?) who said "let me know when our fatality rate is up 10-12% and we'll reconsider the change"

What's that????? So the 9% who die are acceptable losses? Is this guy for real? At a time when it is probably less safe to drive (note: semi-driver on toll road killed 8 people due to cell phone usage and is not being charged), why are we raising the speed limit? And where are the state police who are supposed to enforce it? Didn't Gov. Mitch just increase hirings substantially?

I must be getting old. I know, I'm holding up traffic.

Do it Right the First Time!

We've all heard that, right?
In shear madness, I started deconstructing the rear of a little rental house we bought, behind our house, on Saturday. Just the siding-pink aluminum siding. I had removed it from the front and sides 2 years ago and restored the wood siding below on the Greek Revival Cottage (1856). I had hope to find something I could work with on the back where additions had been made.

I didn't. Rats. Instead I found four different types of siding-some which never was meant to be exposed and some really nice asphalt shingle siding! Why, why, why didn't they do it right the first time and put something on that made sense?

Wait a minute...........did I mention that morning prior to the siding demo-I did some porch floor demo on my own house? It is 4 years old. By profession I shoulda known better on how I put it together and paid the price......it rotted through. I should have done it right the first time....and mine only lasted 4 years.

We're too quick here in the Hoosier State to cover up the mess we often are guilty of creating. Sometimes we cover up some really beautiful buildings because it's just easier than "doing it right" and restoring grandeur. Sometimes we build bypass highways-allow commercial development and then have to build a new bypass...........because we didn't do it right the first time (yes, U.S. 31-our multi hundred million dollar highway proposal fix).

Slow down, understand the impact on future generations..........and.......do it right the first time folks.

20 July 2007

On being a Hoosier

I have found over the years, being a native born Hoosier, it takes a great deal of patience and character to dig your feet into the dirt and choose to love a place you often find yourself rolling your eyes in disbelief over. Outrageous, humorous, and often pathetic things that make me scratch my head sometimes, but then, heck, that's what being a Hoosier is all about.

So this will be my tool to express my deep fondness of living life right here in small town Indiana. It will include ponderings on faith, politcs, the great outdoors and my day to day life as dad and husband.

We have something special here in the heartland.......it's a way of life that I have chosen to find endearing. The reality is.........well, life is good here.