welfare by any other name is still welfare: Cash for Clunkers

Much of what I see on tv makes my blood boil these days. And I am desperately hoping that Congress doesn't re-fund the Cash for Clunkers program that ran out of cash at midnight last night so that I don't have to be reminded by TV ads of my tax dollars being given to every car dealership in the region.

I don't know how conservatives can be for this program. It's welfare. It's not creating jobs, despite what Congressman Upton (R-MI) says. It is simply finally getting cars off the overstocked lots of dealerships around the country.

Since when has it been conservative, much less right, to encourage someone who probably should not be buying a car to go into debt? If it isn't welfare for the government to subsidize as much as 1/4 of the cost of a new car, what is? Is it only welfare when it goes to food stamps? And since the federal government is going to be handing money out, how about if they give me a $200 rebate for my old worthless TV? I mean, c'mon, they are the reason we had to buy the new one in the first place. Cash for CRTs!

And what about us guys who bought cars last year? The principle still stands-I want my $4500! And what about the stimulus funds underwriting new home sales? I want my $5000 for that too! I guess we're being penalized for being prudent. Heck of a concept. I'd rather be giving my tax dollars to someone who needs it for food or clothing than folks who continue in a false standard of living by debt.

As a nation, we have so screwed up our bearings of what it means to be a fiscally conservative. The enconomy is burdened down by bad debt and health care costs and the federal government's (both R's and D's) response is to have people spend more money they don't have. And it goes back to who really runs Congress....lobbyists.

Capitalism without moral consciousness is a disaster now on our nation's threshold.


Anonymous said…
Wrong! Cash for Clunkers moves inventory making room for new production to occur. It removes completely from the road and marketplace a gas guzzling clunker. If you must be critical why do R's prefer to subsidize the Federal Highway system while being opposed to subsidizing Mass Transit in the form of high speed rail, why of course selling cars gasoline tires is Capitalism my friend. You really need a lesson in economics...stick to spending way too much money saving energy wasting delapidated schools. That then sit empty and unused!
jimgrey said…
Another problem with this program is that it is causing the destruction of otherwise perfectly good cars. Check out this story about how the gov't is instructing dealers to destroy the engines of the so-called clunkers being traded in.


Notice in the video in the story that the cars being destroyed ARE NOT CLUNKERS AT ALL. They may drink more than their share of gasoline, but these are late-model cars that on the surface look perfectly good.

This program is insanity, pure and simple.
Anonymous said…
come on, you conservatives need a lesson in modern consumerism your party is the posterboy for this form of consumption. Consume Consume Consume....Promoted by the B grade movie actor turned President that you worship!!!!!
vanilla said…
"A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury." --as someone said.

jimgrey is right. Where will the "affordable wheels" for those who can't buy new come from if we burn up all the engines and send the car remnants to China?
Anonymous said…
Oh good grief! The program wont begin to make a dent in the supply of low priced cars. It moved a portion of the remaining 2009 car inventory thus making room for the manufacturers to build(labor goes back to work) 2010 models...you boys are confusing democracy and capitalism! They are not the same!
hoosier reborn said…
I thought that the billions of dollars that went to the automakers was supposed to keep people working.

I understand perfectly that the GOP has become the consumption party; I'd like to think that as a TRUE conservative, I can work to take that back....not likley, again, because of who funds the party.

There is a great kids movie called "Robots"...it reminds me of the cash for clunkers program. The main robot making company quits making spare parts so that all bots must have complete upgrades, otherwise they are scrapped.

Think about what the $3 billion could have done for mass transit; add that to the 10's of billions in auto bailout and then think about its impact on job creation AND energy savings. But that lobbying group isn't big enough and it doesn't lul the voter into brainless submission.
Jeff said…
I'm not too concerned about the Clunkers program. In fact, I think it may be one of the more effective "stimulus" measures. Although, I totally agree with you that I'd rather see more investment in mass transit. My disappointment about the stimulus bill isn't the size of it, but rather that it isn't targeted to a few big national ideas.

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