Next stop: Turkey Run

Turkey Run State Park. What can be said about this wildly popular state park that hasn't already been said? The park has top-notch trails and nature center....whose naturalists allow the kids to help feed the birds first thing in the mornings. Our kids always take part.

Turkey Run, with Sugar Creek flowing through the middle of the park, offers some great fun for families who enjoy searching for shells, fossils and river glass and taking hikes up moss covered canyons gushing with cold streams.

I made reservations to stay in the family cabins, which were ok, but we typically stay in the inn. Those rooms were booked when I made the reservations several weeks ago. When we arrived I asked if we could upgrade to the inn and because of the state budget situation they wouldn't allow new reservations OR upgrades. Grrr.

Of course, we were told we would possibly be asked to leave the state park at midnight if a budget had not passed. At 5:15 we got a call from housekeeping asking if everything was in order. I said, sure, do we know anything about the budget? They said they thought that it would be signed in time for the 6:00 news. Grrrrrrr...again.

Like McCormick's Creek, Turkey Run was largely developed by the Works Progress Administration. While most Republicans think of FDR as the devil, I have heard an awful lot of my party compliment the work that came out of the New Deal....and wish that President Obama would do the same.


Natalie said…
Turkey Run is my favorite IN park. Love the hiking trail where you hike up the falls. Best trail ever. Your last picture looks like it was taken on that trail.

On another note, can't believe they'd ask you to leave at midnight! That's crazy.
vanilla said…
Thanks for sharing your vacation.
While I have been to Shades recently, it is quite some time since I visited the other parks. Maybe McCormick's Creek is my favorite, but I liked Turkey Run a lot, especially when I was still young enough to negotiate the trails!

Headed to Mississinewa SRA this weekend!
hoosier reborn said…
Yeah, I think TR is our favorite too. The top pic is from that trail, while the other pics are from the loop trail below/around the inn. I imagine that since the inn remained booked, everyone else thought it would be crazy to be asked to leave at midnight also.

Pictures from Shades will be posted next. I don't think I've ever been to Mississinewa..will have to fix that.

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