HH enters the terrible 2's

Monday marks the 2 year milestone for Hoosier Happenings...oh yeah, and the lesser known 40th anniversary of the moon walk. The first post written on July 20th, 2007, was more of a statement of purpose for this on-line collection of thoughts highlighting not only my fondness of our State, but also to question how we typically see things politically and religiously.


While I know I have an audience.....my thoughts here are just that. This isn't a platform, nor does it have an ulterior motive. I enjoy writing and it assists in developing that skill, which I believe is uniquely and at times comedically me. I chose the name "Hoosier Reborn" to reflect a substantial change in my perspective on faith and politics. It has a religious connotation....which is intended....I believe God has had a most remarkable impact on me, and continues to shape me to where I am "reborn" all the time...anew. And, while some may find it odd, I love being a Hoosier...whatever that is.

While some, at least one, has suggested I hide in anonymity because of my views...it simply is not true. If that were the case I wouldn't so willingly send out the website address on our Christmas cards and e-cards...or hand out Hoosier Happenings business cards, or own up to it to the press. I don't believe I have ever hesitated to make my opinions known (which isn't so good, I know). I am protective of my kids and due to the fact I use a lot of pictures, using a pen name seems wise. Make no doubt; anyone in river city or republicania county who views this knows exactly who HR is; there is no great "revelation", especially since I use a picture of myself for the profile-duh! And as a side, I find the thought that I somehow hide behind anonymity or misrepresented issues really quite amusing coming from the politburo when they engaged in creating both an anonymous political newsletter and incredibly misleading ads during the election cycle of 2007. Somehow that's different, I am sure.

Finally, I so appreciate anyone who is willing to follow along this life's journey with me by reading and commenting on the posts. I have regulars and blog-stalkers, folks that I've met through the cyber world and family and friends. Many of you have challenged and encouraged me which is great. My hope is that you've found the cultural stuff interesting and/or amusing and that you are also challenged by my own struggles in coming to terms with faith and politics.

At almost 500 posts I've had over 3,000 profile hits.....maybe I have more of an audience than I thought! I got a facebook message from one of our 20x class who is studying in London last night that had me cracking up; for your amusement:

Subject: Hoosier Happenings

So I was sitting in my international journalism and economics class today and we were talking about blogs. I brought yours up and everyone (by everyone, I mean the dept. of media communications at the London School of Economics most of whom work for Channel 4 and the BBC) LOVED it. I even had one ask for your link in an email after class.

Just thought I should let you know that, despite the conflict of the class having no idea what a hoosier is (do you?), your little small town Indiana blog was a huge hit.

HH has gone international.....because everyone wants to know what a Hoosier thinks, right? lol. Nice way to complete a good 2 years...and so, so much more on the way.
Thanks for reading!


vanilla said…
Good on you! Keep the writing flowing.

I, too, like being a Hoosier, (whatever that is).
hoosier reborn said…
Thanks! And best wishes over at A String too Short to Tie!

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