Noble County's Lincoln Highway

Seems like it has been awhile since I've posted any pictures from the Lincoln Highway in Indiana, and since an uncle at our family reunion last weekend was asking questions about the old road, I thought I would include some from a trip through Noble County. This stretch of road has some great old farms set along rolling hills, just beware of the traffic rolling past you at 70 mph on this two-laner if you want to snap some pictures....or be a Sunday driver. The Lincoln Highway is essentially Highway 33 in Noble County, entering the county's south end near the town of Merriam. A few locations are bypassed, but the old road is mostly intact. Highway 33/LH follows a much older road between Goshen and Ft. Wayne.

Highway 33 skirts the south side of Merriam with a section of the LH bypassed so as to not traverse the town cemetery as the LH once did. It also goes past an unusual c. 1935 house dubbed the "airplane house" at least as relayed by its current owners. They weren't sure why it was called that, but I believe its Art Deco form gives some insight.

The small town of Wolf Lake follows and is home to the 1929 Luckey Hospital, once a private establishment, but now a museum. The Jr's Dari-Sweet on the north side of town appears to have been serving cool treats to passers-by since the late 50's.

The outstanding 1876 Kimmel Farm north of Wolf Lake, now a bed & breakfast and eatery, has been pain-stakingly restored and is a must-stop.

Continuing north, Highway 33 also bypasses the small town of Kimmel through which the LH also ran; Kimmel was once known for its onion production and written about before on HH.

North of Kimmel the LH/33 joins up with Highway 5 and at the junction of the roads is Stone's Trace, an exceptionally well-maintained pioneer homestead with Stone's Tavern constructed in 1838. This is maintained as a historical site with a fall festival held each year.

A brick section of the LH still exists north of Stone's Trace, bypassed by 33.

This is just south of Highway 6, the Grand Army of the Republic Highway. I would guess that before substantial redevelopment of this intersection, a fair number of early road-related businesses were located at this historic crossroads. This c. 1955 motel is all that remains of early construction at the intersection.

This marks the departure of Highway 33, which continues west on U.S. 6. The LH continues north on Highway 5 into the city of Ligonier. Ligonier is known for its unusually large and historically established Jewish population. The city has some interesting features along the LH including a street park with fountain and clock at the town's south end near an old gas station turned visitor's center and radio museum.

Ligonier's downtown is well-preserved, speaking highly of city leadership. One building, unfortunately though, was being demolished while I was in town that day. Just across the street, at the intersection where the LH takes a left and heads west out of town, is a fantastic old corner garage, c. 1930.
Following the LH west out of town takes you past a town park with some nice WPA features. The LH continues west on this county road until it enters Elkhart County.


jimgrey said…
I so must do the LH. Your photos taunt me.
Anonymous said…
I still think you and the mrs. would look great behind the counter at Mundy's and a renovated motel next door! With a lot of neon lighting! Wingman
Anonymous said…
hey! take a look at the Lake City bank building in Argos then compare it to the building being demolished in Ligonier....see any similarities wingman
penny lane said…
Love the old bridge. There used to be a great iron one downtown over the Yellow River. I wish we could go back in time -- I'd go into Don's Parlor and then skip down to the Candy Kitchen!
hoosier reborn said…
hey penny lane,

you can still go skipping down the get candy at, uh, hmmm.
penny lane said…
Please tell me where I can get candy in downtown Plymouth? I really don't need the candy anyway -- I want to keep my body in "skipping" condition!
hoosier reborn said…
Centier's 5 and Dime!

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