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Good ideas, even if executed perfectly, lose their value when given over to the undermining nature of tight-woddedness & laziness. Unfortunately it seems we see this all too frequently, particularly with public places, here in the Hoosier state. Grand, and good, work of past generations often lie in ruin for lack of simple care.

But it doesn't take generations to undermine a good idea. Just outside of Bloomington near the town of Elletsville is possibly one of the best concepts in mini-golf that I've seen. Whoever the proprietors were developed an elaborate putt putt in (I think) 1993. Each green was a different theme related to aspects of the Hoosier state, and explaining each theme was a well-crafted sign giving valuable detail. As I commented to my wife....what a great tool to teach people about Indiana and our history. I could imagine taking 4th graders to play mini-golf on school trips to learn Indiana history. It may not be as extravagant as some courses, but a solid business concept nonetheless.

But unfortunately, as our family played through the course, I quickly realized this great mini-golf concept had fallen into disrepair. Debris from what looked like several years, littered the greens and pieces of structures had fallen off and left to rot on the course leaving some "themed" objects laying in ruin.

I do commend the original proprietor for this great idea, but it appears that the current owner (and maybe they are the same) hasn't done a thing since it opened. And based on the number of people using the facility the night we played through, it doesn't seem like it is due to financial considerations. I'd hate to think they were just milking it.

Regardless, if you're in Bloomington, stop by this course, particularly if you have kids. While at the livestock green, which I think was Hole 12, I came up with my own brilliant idea....pig polo. Purely an Indiana game.


vanilla said…
Pig polo. Haha.

We know that governmental entities operate things on a "crisis management" philosophy, seldom budgeting for maintenance. But it's a sorry note when a private entrepreneur adopts this approach.

Sorry note for the public enterprise, too. But what can you do?
hoosier reborn said…
Truth be known, I can be guilty of this the contractors are here rebuilding my porch...
vanilla said…
So you are engaging in maintenance, budget or not.

Meme time. You have been tagged. It's all Chuck's fault.
hoosier reborn said…
oh man, you're killing me!

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