the Indiana Dunes

Last weekend, when it felt more like summer, I took some of the senior high guys camping at Indiana Dunes State Park. The weather was perfect....and not too crowded. It appears that they are trying to give the park a face-lift by changing the entry and installing a round-a-bout. The historic WPA gate houses are still in place, but no longer manned. The historic bathing house, also a WPA project, is in need of some serious restoration.

The park required we camp in the youth tent area. The area could accommodate over 100. We had 6. The price of a small bundle of firewood was staggering...$7.00! Must be that expensive emerald ash borer-free stuff. Speaking of bugs, I think I picked something up from the sand. The scratching last week nearly drove me insane, but an expert tells me that it's not chiggers. But, what?

the teams, the greased pig & the feast

The guys introduced me to a new game which required the purchase of lard and a watermelon. This seems decidedly Hoosier. You grease up the "pig" and play football in the lake. Do you know how hard it is to throw a large greased watermelon like a football, let alone try to run in waist high water with it? The important lesson to be learned is, if you wish to eat the greased pig, then you must stop play when the pig is good and soft....before it splits open. Then feast on the juiced innards.

no, a little further to your right

The sunset was spectacular...which, so long as you looked far enough north of the steel mills, gave a pretty amazing backdrop for the Chicago skyline.


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