Resolution accountability

At the end of 2008 I posted my New Year's Resolutions for 2009: With the first half of the year down, let's see how I've done.

Resolution #1: Read more. I started off well with this one. I finished two books by the end of January, which is pretty good for me. I read Traveler's Gift and In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day....which I've yet to post on. Books that I have started: Abraham Lincoln a Man of Faith and Courage, Ideas Have Consequences by Richard Weaver, and Kunstler's Geography of Nowhere. One book I was given but haven't started: Mike Huckabee's Do the Right Thing. Books I am currently reading and am certain to finish: Francis Chan's Crazy Love and Wild at Heart by Eldridge. So, I give myself a B- for this resolution.

Resolution #2: Pray more. Not so good with this one. I've had my moments, but by and large, and possibly due to reading Crazy Love, I'm realizing that I'm really failing in this one. I have gotten out my "prayer book" a couple of times. And since this spring I try to make it outside first thing in the morning to talk to God. One thing that has shifted my thinking on prayer has been Chan's challenge to imagine actually having a conversation with God, that He is right in front of you....and then practice listening. This has taken a foothold and has turned these times upside down. So, maybe a C on this one, but improving.

Resolution #3: Action. Initially I thought I had really failed on this one....then I started thinking about all of the casual mentoring, youth work and week of service and realized maybe not so bad. Still by no stretch has this become habit in my day to day, I give myself a C-.
Resolution #4: Spend better time with the kids. Not good at all.....I think I started strong but have really waned in the last several months. Like I said in the resolution post, I need to be deliberate about this...schedule it if I have to. I give myself a D.

Resolution #5: Killer abs. Well, I can honestly say, until the last couple weeks, this has been really good. Workouts from January through the first of June were great and the abs were cutting in fine. About mid-June I got off my routine and am struggling to get back into it. I'll give myself an A for abs and hope that it doesn't slip to an F for flab.

Make any New Year's resolutions? Do you remember them? How are you doing?


vanilla said…
That's a good "gentleman's C" average. Keep pluggin'!

(Your review inspired me to post a review of my resolutions.)
hoosier reborn said…
thanks Vanilla! I hope to work up to a B by the end of the year.

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