starting a Movement

HH is coming up on an anniversary next week...which caused me to go back in the archives and check out what was happening after a year of blogging. Good stuff, if I do say so myself. I had one post on which Pastor Jeremy from St. Louis commented....I used to check out his blog all the time but haven't in awhile, so I went there and found one of the most inspirational posts I think I've ever seen that included a youtube link from the 2009 Sasquatch Music Festival.

So, before you go any further, go to his site and watch the youtube link. Seriously. Do it. Now.

My wife and I were on our way home from a night out Friday and as we talked about church and our pastoral search, the 20x class and the book we're reading by Francis Chan "Crazy Love"...and reviewing our own lives in it all.....she said "I know I can't stay where I'm at....something needs to change." Something has been stirring.....stirring in a big way with me and it was great to hear this affirmation from my wife.

Chan asks "what are you doing today that requires faith?" Chan is taking on complacent Christianity and as I told 20x this past Sunday, with every chapter I read it becomes more convicting to the point where I'm realizing.......something does need to change.

What am I doing today that requires faith? Some might say everything....particularly being on my own just shy of a year now. Fact of the matter is not much of anything I'm doing requires faith. God's already more than proven He's got my back with work....and when He wants to change things, or shake things up, I already know He's got it covered.

So, starting a movement. How many of us are waiting for a movement of God that we can join in? What if you're the one being called to be the crazy dancer guy at the Sasquatch? The catalyst to start a movement rather than join in? Did you see the enthusiasm with which people responded to crazy dancer guy? After the second guy joined him, it began to snowball!

A few weeks ago in 20x we were having a conversation about stepping out of our comfort zones and responding to those called out in Matthew 25 needing ministered to. Responding to the hungry, the oppressed, the poor. A thought came to me that I spoke outloud before I could really "think" about it. What would living like a true missionary here in river city look like for a period of thirty days? Now, I'm not talking about 30 days of service or 30 days of prayer. I'm talking about treating river city like a missionfield for 30 days.....going Mother Theresa on it. This same thought came back yesterday in class. What if we are being called to start a movement?'ve given me plenty of opportunities to be comfortable. The church in America is the epitome of comfort and lukewarmness. But the cool thing is the times when I've been uncomfortable, applied a little faith and you've proven yourself in a huge way. But, Faith for a movement?

God, I'm thinking I want to be that crazy dancer dude....


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