Obamish Acres Presidential Retreat

Well, no doubt you have all heard, at least those of us in Northern Indiana, that President Obama is once again heading back to the region to talk about the state of the economy and job creation. Elkhart, the hardest hit in Indiana, has been the subject of Presidential-speak since before the election due to its high unemployment rate from a loss of jobs in the RV industry. Mitch has also visited, but on a much less frequent basis....I wonder why.

Recently it was announced that a new company is opening its doors in Wakarusa, a small town south of Elkhart, who is part of the RV-belt. The company is Electric Motors Corporation, and while I'm not clear if it is exclusive to Ford, they do show an F-150 every time they talk about the company on the news. There is some irony that ELECTRIC motors are going to be built by the Amish, but, hey.....

But what you probably have not heard is that the President has already purchased a 180 acre farm in the Amish capital of Indiana for a presidential retreat. Due to the frequency of the President's visits to this part of the country, he and the First Lady and their children will plan to make this their midwest Bushesque ranch complete with livestock barn, draft horses, clotheslines and whitewashed unelectrified farmhouse. They have dubbed it "Obamish Acres".

My understanding is that the secret service is concerned that the 6'+ African-American may stick out like a Guernsey among Holsteins in this predominantly short, stocky German community, so they have instructed the President to begin growing the typical Amish beard and switch to suspendered britches while on retreat. Amish dress is being fashioned for the first family and intense farming lessons have already been given, including how to drive a team of horses. Their names are Dick (Cheney) and Donnie (Rumsfeld). There is also a jack-ass on the farm.....you can only imagine what the President has named it.

Helicopter One arriving (right)
Presidential motorcade (left)

The First family has been seen at least once driving an armor-plated buggy into Nappannee, being followed by secret service buggies complete with tinted windows. One Jacob Yoder, who lives nearby the presidential farm, commented that it is a strange sight to see indeed and is glad that Elder Barack has already passed the rum springer stage.

"there goes the neighborhood, Jonas"

Well, I say welcome back Mr. President....or is that Barack Obamiller?


Anonymous said…
Well I think this time he really needs to stay home. However I am pleased that he can find his way to other parts of the country and not just Crawford TX as the last clown seemed only capable of doing. Wingman
Natalie said…
You had me there for a minute.
vanilla said…
I thought I. Would. Crack. Up!

PNW Hoosier said…
Funny post. On another note, I see that Connersville secured the manufacturing site for Carbon Motor's new purpose built law enforcement vehicle this week.

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