the digi-toll

I did it. I gave in and bought a frickin' digital television which is what "the man" wanted all along. But I'm not giving in to cable...I refuse. The bunny ears set in the window pick up PBS...which was why we bought the new tv anyway. I'm kind of an impulse just takes me six months (the length of time we talked about buying a tv since the switch over and we lost digital PBS, even with our converter box-don't get me started on that) to get my impulse up. A few Saturdays ago I was walking aimlessly through the house, then walked up to my wife and said "I'm going to go buy a tv" and returned 20 minutes later with a tv and new dvd player.

But so far I have watched the building of the parthenon and an archaeological dig in Utah and this fall Ken Burns new series on the National Parks comes out. Man, I've missed PBS. And of course, Homer Simpson looks so much better in digital too!


Anonymous said…
I haven't succumbed yet. I hope my two analog CRT TVs last for many years to come.
vanilla said…
Good for you. We've been talking it since last November. Still using the CRT.

Great fo-toe, so to speak.
vanilla said…
--and I didn't reealize until my second visit how really "digital" your illustration is!

You looking through your digits at Homer's digits on a digital screen.
Anonymous said…
are you going to have to heat the home with that candle now that you popped for a new "idiot" box?
hoosier reborn said…
Geez, wish I could say that the digit reference was all that intended. Must have been on a subconscious level.

Actually, we're planning on switching to candles to heat our home in order to pay for health insurance. And we got the tv so that could get PBS so that we didn't have only idiot programming.

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