Mentors needed: no experience necessary

One thing I was fortunate to see begin over the last year with our youth group was a mentor program that paired up willing kids with older guys and gals. I "officially" mentored two guys and it seemed a third just kind of naturally happened. The paired groups read through books, met for coffee, baked guys and I always ate. Pizza Hut, Wendys, of those three usually. We heard great stories at a wrap-up session at the beginning of the summer from kids and adults alike concerning what they had learned and how they were blessed.

Truly everyone is cut out to be a mentor in some capacity. With so many single parents out there today....all the more reason to step up and fill that role. Maybe to a kid in your neighborhood, church....maybe to a younger guy/gal where you work. There really is no age limit....even I could use a mentor, although I'm sure I'd frustrate the heck out of 'em.

In Titus the older men and women of the early church were instructed to teach the younger men and women....because we can all learn, and we can all teach. And, outside of the kids, I only have to step out into my backyard to be surrounded by a lot of other "mentor opportunities".

The one guy I mentor is going to be a senior in highschool this fall. The cool thing about this kid is that initially he signed up and I just paired him with me and another kid, but then his dad encouraged him to seek out somone that could be his "go to guy", and he chose me. We get together a fair amount and since he's a hard worker, I've even taken him along on some jobs for which I need an extra hand. The fact of the matter is that he's constantly challenging me. He asks questions that I really have to think about......."dang" I'll say....."I've never had to think about that one"'s good for both of us.

I never had a mentor. I started to get tight with my youth leader and he left, then by the time I got to know our next youth leader well enough to glean wisdom from him, he left. Never underestimate the influence for good that you can have in a simple conversation with a kid....just encouraging him to do better, stick with it....or that he's got what it takes to make it. And listen....above all else....listen.


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