Last stop: Shades

Shades State Park is just around the corner from Turkey Run State Park. It has a number of things going for it: 1) it also has Sugar Creek 2) it has immensely less visitors and 3) the trails are rated #1 for state park trails in Indiana.

I've camped at Shades probably a half-dozen times because it is just around the corner from Clement's Canoes on Sugar Creek. Many of the trails are marked rugged, with some requiring ladders not unlike Turkey Run. Only taller. My experience with our kids has been the more difficult the trail, the less bored they become....and less they complain.

Again, it's a great place for a hike or inn at this park. It also offers a long backpacking trail and back country campsite. May have to try that!

We ended our get-a-way with a family canoe trip down Sugar Creek. My daughter's first time in a canoe. 20 minutes into the trip both kids wanted their dad as their partner. We were told to watch for an eagle's nest, but we did not find it.

I stared at a lot of rocks looking for river glass

There's this great old 1840's house for sale along Sugar Creek, near our vacation destinations. Seems like it would be a sweet vacation house....and retreat center. We drove up to it and looked around and I could sense the nervousness of my wife thinking I might actually buy it.


Anonymous said…
One of my oldest friends was married on the edge of a cliff at Shades. Very cool.

Did you actually manage to get your kids to paddle in the canoe? The one time I did Sugar Creek with my sons, they claimed fatigue about five minutes in and I was stuck doing all the work!
hoosier reborn said…

One of my youth group kids fell off a cliff at Shades. My son attempts to canoe and can help a little; my daughter was glad we switched partners and I told her that dad was strong enough to canoe for both of us and she only needed to if she wanted to. Which was pretty much the way it went with my boy too!
Anonymous said…
I live in Montgomery Co. near both Turkey Run and Shades, and am looking to buy a house closer to the creek (we are avid kayakers!). Would you be willing to give me more info on the house you saw for sale (unless, of course you talked your wife into making it your own!)?

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