teary-eyed in Kimmell

Kimmell? You've never heard of Kimmell? The onion capitol of Indiana? Well, I don't know that it is....but it seems that onions are rooted deep in their history. While surveying the Lincoln Highway in Noble County I happened upon this little town, now bypassed by Highway 33.

There were several "onion barns" along the railroad crossing. I don't know that I had ever seen an onion barn, but with my affinity for vernacular or "local" architecture, they intrigued me. So did a number of other things. Such as this sweet looking ride.

And then, a few blocks from old highway 33, was Hitler Street. Hitler Street? You have to be kidding me. German churches across Indiana gave up sermons in their native tongue because of the evil guy and the folks in Kimmell didn't consider dropping "Hitler Street"?


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