the car always stops here....

Before I had met my wife, work would take me down Highway 25 to Logansport where I found that chocolate milkshakes from Char-Bett were the perfect remedy for a long drive in the car.
When my wife and I got married and would visit her family in the Lafayette area she would comment how her dad's car would always know to pull into Char-Bett on the way home from Purdue or visiting family. It seems that our car automatically does that too now, much to our children's great pleasure.

If you've never made this HAVE to. Not just because of the nostalgia, but the ice cream is dang good. Get their Red Indian or Lemon. Char-Bett has been around since the 40's I would speculate, and is located on the north side of Logansport, just before heading out into the country again.

I might also add that Highway 25 is the old Michigan Road between Rochester and Logansport, which also was the Trail of Death down which federal soldiers marched the Pottawatomie's from Plymouth to Kansas. I can only assume had Char-Bett been around in 1838, their travel would have been much more enjoyable as the horses would have known to pull in.

I hate to ask this, but it begs the question, is that where they got the name "Red Indian" for their cinnamon flavored ice cream?


Anonymous said…
I've passed this joint by for years, at first because I never had any money (yay college days) or because I never had time. Looks like now that I have money, I'll have to make the time.

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