was McClellan writing about river city?

Are you following the fall-out from former press secretary Scott McClellan's tell-all book on the Bush White House? I caught the titles of a few of his chapters today on MSN.

Among the interesting chapter titles in the book are: “The Permanent Campaign,” “Deniability,” “Triumph and Illusion,” “Revelation and Humiliation” and “Out of Touch.”

I think McClellan's read my rough draft of "We've Got Trouble, Right here in River City". You could also write any of those of the Daniels administration. McClellan grieves over a missed opportunity of the Bush presidency to change the culture of Washington and instead gave in to the same system of games and deception they set out to change. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that one of two things happens when people of integrity are elected to public office with the intent to really make a difference:

1) the pressure of polticos, the power struggle and the fear of losing the next campaign changes your mindset reducing you to little more than one of those you swore you'd never become, or

2) you hold to your convictions, count the cost, pursue public good......and find yourself on the outside

In either situation the public always loses. Bush succumbed to the system he evidently set out to change......it changed him. I'm watching the current climate of politics in river city going the same direction. A willing and ignorant electorate doesn't help the situation.

Honestly, I don't see a way out of it unless there is an entire implosion of the system and its enablers. Those of you here in river city, imagine what that would look like for our community and our county!


Anonymous said…
I have never thought seriously about running for office, but I do know that if I ever got elected to something, I'd be the one who held to his convictions and found himself on the outside. From what I can tell, however, anybody in his first term hasn't built up enough connections and influence to get much done. What a terrible catch-22. So I throw up my hands and just trust that God is in control over our government, and that it will be in place as long as it suits his purposes.
hoosier reborn said…
I was accused of letting my obvious cynicism poison my attitude on another post "planted prayer for unity". And maybe it has poisoned my view of politics.

I am desperately seeking a method, a system, a movement to bring sure change to politics so that people, regardless of party, who have the best interests of the community at heart can succeed. I admit I am at a loss. So long as power grabbing, deep pockets and unethical practices are part of the system a barrier is built.

It has to be grassroots and emotional. Don't check out yet.

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