Justice Man

from life verse....Micah 6:8:

You know what is required of you......to act JUSTLY, ......

As a kid I remember saying to my folks "that's not fair" and they would say....yep, you know it, "life's not fair". So, what is justice then? It is to make things fair, is it not? Justice is to act on behalf of the widows, the poor, the orphans when they have been treated unfairly. To act justly is to define what is fair and to work toward, or on behalf of those who are not being treated fairly.

Just/Justice is defined as fair, impartial, upright. By and large, I believe most people would consider themselves "just" or impartial-most of us would never consider treating one person wholly different than another. We all have friendships and family that naturally have different relational qualities in which we treat them differently than strangers. So, the directive in Micah 6:8 is followed fairly easily, correct? to act Justly?

Where I believe we fail in acting justly is in two arenas most of us probably do not consider ourselves ingrained in. One is politics and the other is business. When politics and capitalism know no moral absolutes, albeit we should expect them to, then acting justly simply doesn't apply to them. Don't get me wrong, they should! And there are several elected officials and businessmen, my dad & father-in-law being my most astute examples, who were or are just in their dealings. However, as a society, I believe we adhere to "all is fair in love and war" and not issues of integrity. I would love to sit across from some of the partisans I know, or from certain corporate giants and ask them.....do you act justly? They'd show me the door.

I also think that we need to step up our game on issues of social justice. We may qualify ourselves in "acting justly" when it comes to our own individual actions, but what about those who we are also responsible for? What about justice for others who are oppressed? A friend of mine, from right here in river city, is helping the cause of the Tibetan monks. It seemed surreal when he told me what he is doing.....but then I thought, cool! His faith and his commitment to justice for them even outweighs a difference in religion. What if they heard that some Christian from Indiana was giving them props for their cause? What would they think of Christianity then?

A shout out to one Justice Man I know........go KF!


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