at fever pitch!

You know something's going on in river city when you're sitting at a cafe' downtown for lunch and you see a fellow walking up and down the Main Street sidewalk holding an Obama sign over his head.

And rumors are rampant! First it was Hillary using the park, then it was Obama stopping at a diner, and now it appears we will be graced with Bill's presence at the high school tomorrow. I don't know how much more excitement our little town can take. The last presidential candidate to visit river city was during the 1970's. Without doubt, this is an historic event for presidential politics and while I might not like the guy, for a former president to visit our sleepy little town, that's worth seeing.

Yes, river city has been hit with campaign fever. Question........have any of the governor candidates been here? What's up with that?


Anonymous said…
"Change begins with one man"....I have decided to vote for OBAMA in the primary. As a "baby boomer" I think it is time we pass the torch to a new generation...."WE" have created quite a mess that I don't think the boomers can clean up!
hoosier reborn said…
I'll be careful not to blame all our problems on the boomers...but you may be on to something.

I do hope for an Obama vs. McCain match this fall because I'd feel like I'd have a real choice.

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