report from the field

Just an update from the weekend on my dad's eco-experiment. While hanging out Friday night in search of morels.......which we found dad asked if I could help him plant a new perch for the birds in the field.

The perch was a dead elm, 30' tall and took both of us to walk it up once we planted it in the ground. It looks like a lone telephone pole in the middle of the 10 acre plot.

The "pond" is doing well with tadpoles swimmin' and the goldfish warming up. Herons, including a Green Heron (which reminds me of the Green Lantern) have ample supply of food for their visits. They have tree swallows and bluebirds nesting in the birdhouse gourds and have recently picked up pairs of Orchard and Baltimore Orioles.

Dad built a pole lean-to kinda structure over their bench so they can be undetected by wildlife. The feed plots are ready for planting......which I've often wondered if they give concern to passing helicopters of illegal marijuana growing activity.

And finally, one robin thought the artificial Christmas tree located near the pond would make for a swell place to build its nest. I imagine once we've cut down all the trees in river city, we can take comfort in the idea that installing plastic trees will also provide appropriate habitat for wildlife.

We've had our own share of new fowl sightings. The white crowned sparrow, house wren and new to our home-the Swainson's Thrush, have made visits over the last week.


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