I was in the northwest part of the state for the last two days and just wanted to stick in some random pictures from historic routes I traveled along.

The yellow cottages ca. 1930 are part of a travel lodge compound on U.S. 6-Grand Army of the Republic Highway, just west of Westville. They're in great condition.

The Citizens Service Station ca. 1950 is on the Lincoln Highway/U.S. 30 in Wanatah.

The wildflowers-Lupine-are growing along the removed/abandoned section of Lincoln Highway east of Hamlet. I've not seen Lupine growing in any other area around the state, except for this small stretch between Hamlet east to the Marshall County line.

I also did a short stint on the Yellowstone Trail I'll post later.


Anonymous said…
Didn't realize there were any Cities Service buildings left! Those cottages are a real find, too. Looks like they're being maintained.
hoosier reborn said…
oops.......I meant Cities!
Anonymous said…
Cities is now Citgo the oil company controlled by Hugo Shavez of here is a short gas company the company:
1. you can trust to your car to the man who wears the star. name that station?
2. which gas station had "no knocks" gasoline?
3. which company featured the flying horse on the sign?
4. what was animal was mascot for Sinclair gas?
5. this maybe tough in northern Indiana....what was the logo of Conoco?
Anonymous said…
HR guess who? You can bet the beautiful Lupine weren't planted by INDOPE!
hoosier reborn said…
1. Texaco
2. No idea
3. Mobile
4. Dinosaur
5. Coacoa puffs
Anonymous said…
1. Texaco
2. Gulf (station in front of the airport in the 60's you're too young!)
3. Mobile
4. Dinasaur
5. Branding Iron

Next we will play cigarette brand tag! NOW I bet you never played that!

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