Primary re-cap

Well, not saying I'm a prophet, but I felt pretty good last night (and this morning) as results came in on the election. I guessed every race dead on with the winner, although my percentages were sometimes off.

First, kudos to all Hoosiers who got out to vote. I am impressed that turnout in some areas was double the last presidential election. If we want to succeed as a true representative democracy, then as many as possible must vote.

Second, case in point on voter ID, a few nuns in their 80's-90's were not permitted to vote at ND. Maybe they were illegals, I'm not sure why they didn't have valid ID.

Third. Whoa! Talk about a close one for both Jill and Hillary. I can only assume, if "operation chaos" was in full swing (hate to give that much credence to it) that legitimately Obama would have ended up with a victory, but I believe it a for-gone conclusion he will be the D nominee in the fall. Chaos more accurately reflects the last four years of Bush, but I digress. And the D's have a good candidate in Jill Long Thompson, but have a difficult run ahead.

Finally, I was quite pleased to see a couple local county results because it gave me faith in a system, while broken, cannot be completely controlled by any single faction. There are several 'ol boys in river city licking their wounds this morning. It has me thinking that a return to public office may be in my future, even as a disgruntled, independent thinking republican.
On to November.


vanilla said…
I hope she will be a good governor. Long Thompson would at least have sufficient respect for her constituency that she would live in the Governor's mansion. I think.
hoosier reborn said…
A family member of mine knows the governor's family.....she said "it would be a step down for them to move into the mansion"

yeah, that's what we blue collar folk need that Mitch likes to portray. I think/hope you are right about Jill and her constituency.
PNW Hoosier said…

Personally, I think you should throw your hat back in the ring when the time is right.
Anonymous said…
Here's a crazy idea, for what it's worth, perhaps you should consider switching parties and running as a conservative democrat. That seems to be where the reformers are going these days, especially in traditionally conservative states (i.e., Virginia).
hoosier reborn said…
Thanks PNW & anon. What I have learned is that if you do plan to run, you have to be like the fat kid who waits by the side of the pool and when no one is looking do a great big cannon ball jump in to catch folks by surprise and get everyone wet!

Switching parties only buys me a pass from the local primaries. A tougher row to hoe awaits in the fall. Depending on who you ask, it wouldn't be a switch at all.

lol. All options are open.

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