Primary Day (a republican ho-hum)

I haven't voted yet. I don't really care frankly.....sad to say it, but the GOP primary in Indiana can be nothing more than a protest vote or a choice between the lesser of two evils for me.

I'll go in and cast a protest vote for president by voting for Huckabee. A protest vote for governor by not voting at all. I have a choice of 3 candidates for state representative 1) a nazi sympathizer 2) someone who wants to legalize drugs and 3) a raging unqualified fundamentalist. Lesser of three evils.

Locally I have the choice between one county commissioner whose integrity is lacking because of what he did to me personally or another whose integrity is lacking because of criminal activity. Then I have a choice of county council members where I'm just trying to figure out who is in whose pocket.

So, if I could vote vicariously through my Democrat friends........I would vote for Obama and Jill. I will go and vote-I promised my 7 year old son who is closely following the elections I would wait until after school and take him so he can be part of the process.

For your enjoyment, you have to visit a blog I read all the time and click on the youtube is the election done Star Wars style. Great stuff.


Kendra said…
I'm a Hoosier too and I voted Hillary this morning. Not because I like her but because of Operation Chaos.

My 7 year old loves the political process too. I think it is great to take your kids to the polls.

Have fun voting today.
hoosier reborn said…
I've heard of several republicans pulling D's this primary because of the presidential race and to a lesser extent governor's race. I just can't bring myself to do it.

Operation chaos? That describes the Bush and Mitch administrations!
Anonymous said…
Operation chaos? I'm afraid to ask what that's about.
hoosier reborn said…
A vast right wing conspiracy to put in the weakest D candidate, I'm sure. An R friend of mine admitted his wife pulled a D to vote for H.......

This two party thing has got to go, it serves no one!
Anonymous said…
If you switchers succeed in ultimately electing John McCain, I had better see your sons joining the military to protect this country in Johns 100 year war. But my best guess is that you will raise gutless weenies who preach the conservative mantra but haven't got the stomach to fight! I am a liberal and my liberal son has been to Iraq two times while his conservative classmates from high school sit here in River City and in Washington DC behind a cushy desk! You are small little cowards!
Anonymous said…
Ah, regarding the chaos thing, i guess all's fair in love and political war, but for me it's this kind of political warfare that just doesn't sit well with me. Switching parties to disrupt the process just seems wrong to me, no matter what your policial persuasion. Is that really what democracy is about? It's ashame that so many people see the political process as something to be manipulated to achieve your desired end.
Kendra said…
Yes, I'm a proud member of the vast right wing conspiracy. The same group that made Bill Clinton cheat and lie about the Monica thing. Hoosier Reborn, you better have generation after generation ready in your family if someone like Obama is elected. We'll be a socialist society and waiting in bread lines. By the way, a majority of the military voted for John McCain and vote for a conservative in a large majority each election. Don't you remember the Democrats not wanting to count the military votes in Florida because they voted for Bush? Real men vote republican.
Anonymous said…
Kendra just do one thing make sure you children join the military! My son is an Air Force Academy Graduate and defending your right to try to subvert the system...He is a member of the Special Forces "Green Hornets" and pilots the Air Forces largest helicopter. Are you suggesting my son is not a real man? As another blogger wrote are you really practicing democracy? Have a warm fuzzy and foolish looking day in LALA land!
Kendra said…
I admire what your son is doing and I thank him for his service.

My father is a life long military man who has served two tours in Iraq and who will probably go back. My brother also serves in the military and is currently stationed in Japan. I have several friends who are in Iraq at this moment. So as you can see it is personal for me as well.

If any of my children decided that they wanted to enlist I would be a Proud Mother and I would support them. My heart breaks for those who have lost their lives and for the family that has lost a loved one.

So as you can see I am not in LaLa land. You threw the punches at me first. I simply made a comment on a blog that I wish I had never visited. I see no point in getting feathers ruffled when debating politics.

Again, I do thank your son and all of the military men and women who serve this wonderful country that I live in.
hoosier reborn said…
oh boy, calm down you two. We are entitled to our opinions and I love having dialogue on this blog.

Kendra, I wish you could understand the political climate in our area and what I have gone through personally with my own GOP. Maybe I should recap.

What we need is a true leader, someone who will bring the country together and do what is best for the people. Frankly, I don't see that in any of the candidates for president. At best, Obama, but I am not convinced.
Anonymous said…
Kendra thanks for the claification, you see just because someone is liberal or conservative is not a reflection of the level of their patriotism....don't let Rush cause you to be blinded to that fact....debate is good and compromise is good also. I wont debate you over who threw the first punch for the sake of civility. Have good day and may you family be safe!

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