why people hate Christians

1. Jerry Falwell

2. Pat Robertson


3. James Dobson

Something deep in my stomach always started to turn a little when I would hear Dobson speak, or read some of his literature. It's not all bad......but if I had an audience with Dobson, I'd shake him until all the political crap fell out of his head and he could just go back to being an effective minister of the gospel............and reach hurting people.

Evidently Dobson is wanting to throw his political clout around by taking aim at Obama over some comments he made a few years ago.

Specifically, Dobson is saying Obama is misinterpreting the Bible based on his statement that maybe America should be practicing Jesus' words from the Sermon on the Mount. Somehow this has become a "fruitcake view of the constitution" according to Dobson. How is this wrong Dobson? Hello?!?!? It seems Dobson is also bothered by Obama's question that if we were to deport all of the nonChristians.........whose Christianity would we follow? Dobson's or Sharpton's? Dead on! Of course it would seem that Dobson believes only his is correct.

Is there any possible way we can take these guys who give Christianity a black eye and deport them? I may suggest Dobson read unChristian.........I've tried to muster some respect for the man, but now I've lost it all. The news story is at http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25343812?GT1=43001.


Jonathan Erdman said…
COL (chuckle out loud)!

Yea, like you said, I think Obama comes out looking good in this scenario.
Anonymous said…
I do hope you don't get all your news from msnbc! Why don't you listen to what Dobson really said at http://www.oneplace.com/ministries/Focus_on_the_Family/archives.asp?bcd=2008-6-24

and then go and read what Obama said here


What I love most about Dobson is that he takes a stand which most conservatives hide from. Too bad so few really do! I know this might hurt our chances for the White House but how far do we turn to the left for man's approval rather than God's.
1 Peter 4:14-19
hoosier reborn said…

I'll check out your links. I have seen a fair amount of Obama's speech which Dobson references and I have to tell you.....makes me want to vote for the man all that much more.

There is a difference between taking a stand for Christ and throwing out political rhetoric to position yourself in the public eye. If taking a stand for Christ doesn't ultimately point people to Christ I think you have to ask what your motives are....on this issue I believe Dobson is turning people off to a God they need to know.

Not sure what you mean about losing the White House...I trust in God's sovereignty and He places people in office according to His will. Remember our vote as a society is a reflection of who we have become. We should be more concerned about turning people on to Christ than who is elected. People's lives are not transformed via politicians.

Jon Erdman at the Theos Project (check outside links) has a much more reasoned response to the Dobson story....I would encourage you to visit his site.

Anonymous said…
Thank God, someone else recognizes the absurdity of Dobson's comments.

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