the end is near!

Have you stopped to consider all of the natural disasters, war and economic hardships thrust upon our country over the last several years?

It seems guaranteed that if the war in Iraq & Afghanistan doesn't bankrupt us, surely the bail out of the mortgage debacle or stock scandals (remember Enron?) will. And if they don't, certainly the devastation of 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, record tornadic devastation or flooding will. Maybe it will be the energy crisis that finally breaks the backbone of the nation. Seriously, have you given thought to the financial impact of the last seven years?

Seems like only the oil companies are set. Record profits and plenty of tax credits. Yeah, good job Republicans, be sure to keep those tax credits in place for oil companies........we wouldn't want them to go under.

Maybe this is just a random post about random, unrelated unfortunate events in our country and state. Geesh, poor Central Indiana! Still, in my 40 years, I don't recall such a string of events. Time to plant those victory gardens!


Anonymous said…
OH! lets see the Savings & Loan Crisis, Mount St. Helens, Blizzards don't fret to much the issue isn't that more things are happening it is now we have SEVERAL sources of information streaming the same news to us over and over again!!!!
hoosier reborn said…
I don't know, I'm not normally a chicken little sorta guy....something's goofy though. Except for a little water earlier this year, I'm trying to figure out why river city's been spared. It certainly isn't from living right!

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