Why men are men: Briefly on Father's Day

I started my Father's Day with a shout from downstairs by my wife. COME NOW! she said. Evidently the creepy crawly in the picture happened to be in her towel as she was drying off in the shower. My first instinct was to grab the camera....this will make an excellent post on my blog. Then I told my son to get a shoe, a big shoe. Smash. Only later did I regret killing it. The drain is 3" across, the spider, although the angle is goofy, was a tad bit larger than the drain. My wife used to make fun of me for seeing "Bitey" as I like to call him in the barn....she didn't believe he was that big. No making fun of hubby now.

Any ideas what this big guy is?

I taught a 30 minute lesson in about 15 minutes in adult Sunday school.....about the attributes of God we recognize as a loving Father....and then how those attributes are an example for us guys to display with our kids. I checked one off this morning......"protector".
My daughter asked me what I wanted for Father's Day and I said "world peace". She said, "dadddd......it has to be something we can buy". Not sure I like that response. I got a best of John Denver cd, pickles, and a card with "world peace" drawn on it.

We did a short hike at Potato Creek then went to have supper with mom and dad. We picked up a pizza and while we waited for it to be done.....I shot a few pictures of the storm that rattled northern Indiana yesterday. My wife was insisting we get to cover, but I was enthralled by the circular motion of the tornado-colored cloud. I shot video-which if I could figure out how to load, I would. You would hear my wife in the background saying I think the pizza is done, we need to get outa here, while the radio is beeping with storm warnings.

I love watching storms roll in....must be a guy thing. I trust you all had as an eventful Father's Day as I did.


Anonymous said…
Wolf spider!
Anonymous said…
After a week from beyond the pits of eternal torment in which I dealt with a wet crawl space and poison ivy, on Father's Day I let the boys play Nintendo while I sliced my overgrown hedges back into submission. I cut them back a little bit too far; I guess I had some aggression to release.
PNW Hoosier said…
Father's Day was uneventful as Grandma took the kids to Portland to watch their aunt perform in a show. The wife and I took in a movie before I had to report for work.

Storm watching/chasing is definitely one of the things I miss since moving out here. We rarely get a storm worthy of watching.
hoosier reborn said…

Hadn't heard from you in a while, I thought maybe the west coast dropped into the ocean. Hope things are well with you.

If I can get this video loaded I'll post my "chasing"....it's been processing for a lonnnnng time.
PNW Hoosier said…
Things are good. T just graduated from high school on the 6th and G started summer break last Friday. I have pulled a few extra shifts the last few weeks as everyone is in vacation mode now that it is summer. We are heading to Boise after the 5th for a soccer tournament that T is playing in.

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