recovering cynic

Living with some extreme ironies has over the last few months made me a bit of a cynic. A good friend pointed that out, so, I've decided to admit I have a problem in the first step to recovery.

Now, always feeling the need for self-justification, I want to defend my cynical tendencies, however, that's probably not the life of humility I should lead. So, I'll admit my cynicism involving politics, business ethics and spiritual leadership is likely more of a coping mechanism for the frustration I feel over the inability to change or control the process. And that control issue is another area God has been sanding off the edges of.

How to cope???? Well, acceptance of things being the way they are is probably a healthy approach only to some measure. I know that politics is an ugly unethical system. I guess there is no beneficial reason to stand back and point my finger and call it knows it is. What, am I to be the moral conscience of something amoral? No. But I do believe that there must be a healthy approach to public service, in supporting spiritual leadership and in engaging in business. Some of these approaches seem more clear than others.

So, it isn't about accepting things as they are, or ignoring shortcomings. Coping must be a reasoned and constructive approach to engagement. Coping is probably not shooting off my mouth, or keyboard, with smart-alic remarks. My apologies.


Prodigal Jon said…
great comment on my site stuff christians like. honestly I loved what you said, so funny. thanks for reading
Anonymous said…
I hope there is a 12 step program-I'd join!!!
hoosier reborn said…
prodigal jon....

You da man! keep up the awesome work.


as if a 12 step program would work! get it? cynicism.

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