Sad news from Route 66

I went web surfing yesterday and was disappointed to learn one of our most memorable stops from the family's trip down Route 66 in 2003 was destroyed by fire. The Rock Cafe' in Stroud, Oklahoma was a fun lunch stop for our family where we had some of the best homemade chips and salsa this side of the Rio Grande. There was a dining patio with a small rock garden/pond we sat near. The waitress told us that a sneaky snake hung around the pond looking for toads. Snake? Needless to say we kept our eyes on the ground below our feet during lunch.

Evidently the owner provided inspiration to one of the characters in the movie "Cars" a must see for young and old.

This sad news reminded me of the passing of another 66 icon. My first trip on 66 was in my Mustang with a college buddy. Our plan was to do the Illinois portion and stay over night in the Coral Court Motel in St. Louis (picture inset). The Coral Court was a great glazed tile and glass block art deco motel built during the 40's. I had seen its picture in several 66 books and it was our destination for the first night. But once we reached the Dixie Truckers Home and were looking over their collection of 66 memorabilia, we noticed one unfortunate display-that of a glazed tile block of the FORMER Coral Court Motel, demolished earlier that year.

We ended up staying the night at another vintage 66 motel further down the road in Missouri. Hotels were booked so we got the last room in a dive with one bed. This made Chad very uncomfortable, especially when I dropped a quarter in the vibrating bed.

I join in a quiet salute with my 66 brothers.......and hope to not lose another icon from the Mother Road.


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