Old Glory

Tomorrow is flag day and I would encourage you to get the stars and stripes up. The flag has always been a sincere symbol of pride and honor for me.....been known to get a little teary-eyed as she passes by.

It has taken on a new meaning for me lately though. I can't help but look at it without a profound sense of sorrow that turns to hope and optimism for the possibility of a changed nation. The flag resonates these qualities as we think of the flag raising at Ground Zero and each time it is handed off to another war widow.

I find myself turning more to prayer when I see our flag. I can't understand waving it in some one's face in defiance.........and I can't understand wrapping myself in it like so many politicians and churches do. I revere it. And I understand the blood spilled on its behalf, not always being justified.

We have three large American flags we drape from our front porch on main street in river city. I'll be out bright and early securing them in place. My thoughts are on 2016 when Indiana celebrates our bicentennial......I have an enormous state flag that was used in a ceremony in the State House.......I'll be hoisting it in great Hoosier pride.


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