the Happening.

Friday night was supposed to take me to Chesterton, but since that fell through and my buddy had the night open anyway.....we got dinner and caught a flick. The Happening, by Shayaman or Shaylaman or something like that. It was kind of strange....as I'm told his films are. I'm not sure what I felt.....mostly disturbed I guess. First, Mark Wahlberg shouldn't be trying to make environmental statement kind of films. I like Mark......his work is normally really good. He wasn't the right fit for this film. It bordered on corny sometimes.........but I do appreciate the fact that it made you think, or wonder, or something. In short, the film had more potential than it lived up to. C'mon, plantlife killing people? We do a good enough job of that ourselves.


the wedding Happening.

We've had the great pleasure of attending now 3 weddings of our former youth group kids. The last two were for guys I had gotten pretty close to, so I've gotten a little choked up at times. It also makes me feel dang old........until.......the bride's mother mistakes me for one of the groom's medical school buddies. That took 15 years off! I like the fact people think I'm young, but I have to wonder if it hasn't helped to thwart some of my political plans. I mean, why would they put a 20 something in charge of river city? Thinking about dying my hair gray now.


the Target' Happening.

After the wedding we stopped by Target to get some supplies for the great westward ho trip this week. We also needed a birthday present for my son who will be turning 8 in Iowa. How exciting could that be?!?! We kept running into people from river city.......and one said to me, hey, I've heard this rumor............

The rumor my friends? I think about everyone in river city has heard it..........

Keep 'em wanting more I've always been told. What a teaser.


Anonymous said…
Instead of going gray consider taking up "hard drinking" and public intoxication that seems to be the formula for representing the "southside" of river city!

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