Bird Log 6/15/08

Another active bird weekend around the 'ol homestead. A new visitor along with a turkey, yes, that's right, our turkey friend returned.......keep in mind we're one block from downtown river city. And with Tom, we broke our old record of number of species seen in a week. It now stands at 26.

Red Tailed Hawk
Great Blue Heron 3
Red Bellied Woodpecker MF
Downy Woodpecker 3
Black Capped Chickadee 5
House Wren 2
Blue Jay 5
Blue-Gray Gnatcather
Chimney Swift 8
Robin 5
Chipping Sparrow 4
House Finch 4
Gold Finch 4
Starling 3
Grackle 5
Hummingbird 2
White Breasted Nuthatch 2
Mourning Dove 2
House Sparrow 3
Cardinal 4
Canada Goose 3
Tufted Titmouse 2
Wood Duck
Tom the Turkey

A number of these appeared to be males and females with their young. The Chickadees were especially fun to watch as they fed their little flock. The herons were really impressive as they flew overhead to the river early Sunday morning....they were calling to each other just as the sun was catching them in the sky. Really cool.


Anonymous said…
I am curious have you seen the bank swallows on 30 and the bobolinks at the convent yet? I have seen a fair number of blue birds lately.....any thoughts on starting a Marshall County birders blog???
hoosier reborn said…
I have seen the bank swallows....very cool. I haven't been back to the convent-I need to go. My wife would shoot me if I did another blog...maybe a joint blog bird man?
the back door said…
i wouldn't shoot you...but if you can figure out how to make money off a bird blog i'm all for it!
Anonymous said…
Hey "the back door" are you afraid of spiders?

HH....Have I ever told you about my Air Force Special Forces son calling me from Alabama asking me how to kill a spider???? He has been through survival training...eaten rabbit eyes raw and trekked at night in bear country but he is still afraid of spiders thanks to his rotten uncle who through a rubber spider on him when he was little! Be very careful what you do to your kids in the name of fun!
Anonymous said…
I wish there was spell check on this thing threw not through!!!

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