Jesus probably looked like a terrorist

I thought that would get your attention.

So, was Jesus lily white? Did he really look like our American, WASP image that adorns our Sunday School classroom walls across the country? Did he have long flowing hair with an effeminate air about him?

This may be speculation on my part, but I bet Jesus looked like he could kick ---. Think about it. His dad was a carpenter and Jesus probably helped his dad around the shop. It takes some muscle to carry around lumber and push tools through a piece of wood. My guess is that Jesus was ripped, or at least had some big guns. Still, his eyes of compassion probably melted the hearts of those around him. Wow-to have that combination!

And he probably looked a little "Mideastern"........because, uh, he was from the middle east. So, he probably had more of an olive to darker skin tone than what we grew up with in Sunday School. So, if Jesus went walking downtown in river city today, he would probably have a lot of nasty stares cast his way......along with some anxious looks and possibly calls to either INS or Homeland Security.

My reason for believing this? Because it is exactly what we do to people who don't look like us here in the Midwest. Fact of the matter is when we pass by someone who looks a little different than us immediate suspicion and/or intolerance sets in. And how do we know it isn't Jesus walking the streets of river city?


Anonymous said…
Well I never considered the ripped part...but I have for many years been disturbed by "white" images of Jesus and the attempt to suggest that our heavenly Father has a favorites "list" On the other hand as Christianity was spread throughout the world many cultures have added parts of their dress and custom to the story of Jesus....perhaps we should remember that Jesus died for the sins of all people and not specific continents or nations.

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