the storm in Moscow

Does it seem we've been dealing with tornadoes too frequently this year? As the tornado siren sounded last night in river city, like any other good redneck, I went outside and shot some pictures of that eerie colored sky I'll upload soon.

I couldn't help but pass these pictures on to you from the tornadoes that went through central Indiana destroying some important history in the Moscow community of Rush County. One picture is a before of the covered bridge, the center piece of their festival each year, and one of the remains of the bridge in the river. Has there ever been a covered bridge destroyed by a tornado before....what's the odds? Our hearts go out.


Anonymous said…
I remember when the Bridgeton bridge was torched, how the community grieved, so I can imagine how the Muscovites must feel.
hoosier reborn said…
Our family visited Bridgeton the year after the fire...have they raised the funds to rebuild yet?

I remember when the Roann bridge was also destroyed by fire, they've recreated it, but it's never the same.

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