We've got a couple of boys who have made it to the big time from our little town......and could be bigger yet if you help them out. Have you been watching the Next Great American Band competition on Fox? Denver and the Mile High Orchestra boasts two members from our sleepy little Hoosier town. Lead singer, Denver, and trumpeter Adam Beck both hail from our community and have made it to the big time playing modern big band music. But they need your help-so watch Fox every Friday night at 8 and vote Denver thru!
Geesh, the last famous folks from our town, as is widely accepted, were a couple of the 3 Stooges brothers. Oh yeah, and Scott Skiles-coach of the Chicago Bulls. I'm thinking we can do better than that.


Anonymous said…
Denver made it through-it's down to five bands left and the competition is tough-keep voting Denver! I really don't want Dot Dot Dot or Light of Doom. ughh.

Hoosier Reborn

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