911......cows on road

a three generation shot of Hoosier dairy farmers

That was a recent call from one of our rural county highways. Indiana.....home to the dairy farmer. I remember a cow vs. Fiero (remember those?) match on the highway several years ago. Neither cow nor car survived.

Dairy farms seem to be either phasing out operations or becoming giant cow milking sweat shops. We had some dairy farmer friends who sent their cows packing a few years back. I remember his comment was that if he ever won a million dollar lottery........he'd keep farming until the money was gone. My father-in-law grew up in the industry, but, evidently his wife put her foot down. Seemed he had the choice to be either married to the cows, or her.

Of recent concern is daylight savings time and the dairy farmer. Cows don't understand spring ahead and fall back. When it's time, it's time-and they aren't happy to wait around. Kudos to the farmers who keep the cows happy and provide me with whole milk.....none of that white water for me!


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sounds interisting

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