Terror at the Slots

Watching the news last night, you would have thought from the reporter hype that Northwest Indiana was a hot bed for terrorist activity. Evidently a man wanted in South America for terrorism (nothing linked to the U.S.) had used a fake driver's license to get into the Michigan City casino to play the slots. Thank goodness he was caught.

Now, I'm glad he was caught, but really...what's up with the hype?

I believe that when Evan Bayh began the downward gambling spiral in Indiana, some folks felt that casinos would become attractive nuisances for criminals. How right they were! And terrorists nonetheless! Maybe, ultimately, through the Daniels administration gambling will become so common place and diluted that there will no longer be criminal activity associated with it. Kinda like when Ron Paul is elected President, prostitution won't be outlawed-therefore it won't be a problem. The guy takes contributions from brothel owners and white supremacists and then calls Huckabee a fascist-well, I guess compared to Paul, Mother Theresa would be as well. I digress.

For some reason our local park department takes seniors to the boats to spend away their dough-so much for Depression era thinking. I'm not sure why......I guess it falls under "recreation". Why not Six Flags for the old folks?


Anonymous said…
I have never understood the gaming thing....I can understand the taxation of vises such as smoking and beer, wine and alcohol comsumption but for the state to sanction and promote casino gambling just seems over the top. I will not tell you what I do for a living but I will tell you that I have witnessed what the opening of Four Winds Casino has done already to some people here in river city!!! Those least able to waste money at such a place are the ones that are loosing the most money there. Collectively our wants exceed our ability to pay!! Rather than promote more gambling and suffer the subsequent social problems why don't we just stop spending so much or agree that we will all just have to pay more taxes!!!! your liberal friend

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