Basketball & Indiana

The two really go hand in hand, don't they? We're heading into the season again, when towns across the state will fill the gyms and crowds will roar from the stands. Basketball just tops any sport for excitement..........although recently I was introduced to an Indonesian style of kickboxing that looks pretty tough.

There really is just some kind of great "feel" to being in a packed gym with people on their feet screaming and clapping for that last 3 second shot that wins the game. And I've always respected the talent these young guys display...........I might be able to hit the hoop now and then, but I could never master dribbling.......well, it was never very pretty to watch anyway.

I always smile real wide when we drive down a country road and I see a hoop on the side of a barn. That is iconic Indiana. We had a hoop in the garage of the truckstop-not sure who put it there or why, seems like it had always been there.

Now, did we lose something when we switched to the class system? Our little city seems to think so, but that might be because we won state under the old system. ya know, kinda like the movie, Hoosiers. But, now that we've won again under the new system......I think folks are finally coming around. Hoosiers are slow to do that.

Get out to a local game and scream your lungs out. Whether it is winning or losing that close game-both can make you feel terribly alive.


PNW Hoosier said…
I believe Indiana did lose something special when they moved to a class system for basketball. I remember as a kid being excited to watch the state tournament to see if a small school would be able to pull the shocking upset ala Milan so many years ago....

You are right, my friend, it was never pretty to watch you dribble a basketball........
Anonymous said…
pnw hoosier,
You know me well! Let me hear your thoughts on ND and Purdue, are they truly better than IU?

Hoosier Reborn
PNW Hoosier said…
WHAT????? You know me better than that!! As an IU grad, you know that I don't like either of those other schools.....especially Purdue. Speaking of which, I see that IU took the Oaken Bucket today.
Anonymous said…
Hahahahaha-no anonymity now my friend! I figured that would smoke you out. How are things up in the northwest?

The Oaken Bucket....I remember when that used to be a bigger deal: when Bobby was king and all was right with the world.

Hoosier Reborn

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