a creek that feeds Yellowwood Lake, location of a bigfoot sighting

A few years back a friend and I headed to Yellowwood State Forest for a short camping excursion. Just weeks prior to our trip reports came from the area that folks in the back woods had spotted a bigfoot-like creature. As a kid, I made up stories for my friends about bigfoot sightings in our backyard and once it was spotted by the baseball diamond, near the concessions stand at the elementary school. And now, wow, the possibility that bigfoot may pay a visit to our campsite!

I contacted my buddy via email at BSU warning of the possibility of bigfoot joining us in the wilderness for a cup of joe. I also suggested that if bigfoot were looking for a mate, that he was the only eligible one. Matt replied that with a name like bigfoot, he figured he would already have a girlfriend, because, know what they say about guys with bigfeet.

So, we embarked on our trip which was taken over Matt's spring March. It was somewhat cold, and wet. When we arrived at Yellowwood, I requested using the cabin since it was not in use. The park manager said due to state budget cuts, the cabin could not be rented. I said, but I have money I am willing to give you to use it....what does that have to do with budget cuts? I recieved the same answer when I asked if we could rent a boat in order to fish. The boats were not being placed out for rent due to budget cuts. This is what prevented me from voting for that Governor's administration in 2004.

As we walked away from the park manager's cabin, Matt commented that she looked a little like she could be bigfoot's mate. Indeed, she could. We never saw bigfoot. I thought it was too cold and wet for beast to be out-only man, in a soaked tent.

Do you know what is unique about the Yellowwood tree in Indiana? Besides the heartwood being yellow? It is common in the south but only found in a small pocket this far north, in the Yellowwood State Forest area, and only in very specific habitat.


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