Yes, snow had dusted the ground and barn roof this morning. Only three weeks ago I was asking where Fall was....maybe I should be asking that again. It could be the whole balance of the universe has been upset by daylight savings time.

Falling back.
Anyone notice how dark it is at the end of the work day now? I apologize, I had intended to forewarn my fellow Hoosiers of the time change this past weekend. We still haven't changed all our clocks. There are a few that I didn't change in the spring and they've finally caught up. We intentionally left our clocks go until after church Sunday. That way we could go to services a whole hour later.......and not be late for once.

The Wizard of Oz.
We took in the high school play this weekend. I never realized how many parallels can be made between this great story and politics. We have the man with no brain, the man with no heart, the one with no courage, the faceless great and mighty Wizard, wicked witches, etc. I may have to do an entry on this.

Election day for municipalities.
I voted, did you? I'm ready for it to be over and am preparing myself for the worse. I am most tired of hearing how all of these mayors are responsible for our property taxes skyrocketing. How dumb do these politicians think we are? I guess we find out tomorrow!


Anonymous said…
Ah, winter weather and northern Indiana! I now tell my friends, family and acquaintences who brag about the weather in Arizona or Florida that those of us who stay here are a Tougher Breed, a Hardier Bunch! We can take the humidity and heat of summer the bitter cold of winter and still occasionally get to enjoy a warm fall day or a brisk spring day.
Its like natural selection only the strong survive.....that is how I get through the winter!!!!!
Anonymous said…
strong, yes. But I wonder if the extremes has cooked or frozen away some brain cells.

Hoosier Reborn

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